• Recitation of Quran
  • Reading of Tafseer-o-Quran
  • Reading of Hadees
  • Arabic Language classes

All the activities are on hold and shall resume soon. Please follow our Facebook page for latest announcements.

Certificate for conversion to Islam

To obtain a certificate of coming to Islam for the purpose of going to Hajj or Umrah.

Headgear/Hijab Certificate

Muslim sisters who want to get a certificate stating obligation of wearing a head-gear/Hijab, which could be needed for the purpose of Driving license or any other document that requires a picture of Muslim sister.

Certificate of Marriage

Muslim brothers and sisters who are looking for a certificate of marriage.

Halaal Certificate

In recent years, we have observed a significant increase in the demand for Halal labeled food products. The Halal certificate inspires the trust of a Muslim customer in the product, and thus expands the markets for Polish goods.

To meet the demand, the Council of Imams at the Muslim League in Poland offers Halal certification for the products of Polish food plants.


To obtain fatwa on varied religious matters.