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Zakat-al-fitr obligation:
Zakat-al-fitr is the zakat that is given at the end of fasting in the month of Ramadan. It came into force in the second year of the hijra, i.e. with the obligation of fasting. It differs from other zakatas in that it is an obligation imposed on persons and is unrelated to property.
Most scholars agree that this is a duty to be fulfilled. The assertion is based on the basis of Ibn Omar’s essay that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) imposed the obligation of Zakad al-fitr in Ramadan in the form of one saa (volume measure, Saab equals approximately 2,176 g but other products may have a weight different from that) dates or barley – for Muslims, a man and a woman, a child and an adult, rich and poor.
The preferred form of Zakat al-fitr:
Zakat can be given in the form of money, which is beneficial to the poor and convenient nowadays.
Time of giving Zakat al-fitr:
Zakat al-fitr should be given before Christmas prayer; better at the end of Ramadan (2-3 last days), but it is also possible to give it back in the second half of Ramadan. If someone gives a zakat after a Christmas prayer, it counts only as a mere gift, not as Zakat al-fitr.
Who to give Zakat al-fitr:
It gives away to the same persons who should be dealt with from property, that is, from money, trade, land cultivation, etc., are listed in the following verse: “Almsma is only for the poor and the needy, and for those who do it, and for the liberation of slaves, and for the indebted, as well as on the Way of Allah and the traveler – an order from Allah. Allah is the Knowing Wise. “(Kuг’аn 9:60)
Meaning of Zakat al-Fitr:
The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) explained the meaning of this contribution; Well, he cleans the fasting words and deeds, is feeding the poor, so that all Muslims feel happy and happy on the day of the holiday.
Zakat al-fitr is given in the place where he lives, unless there are no poor and those in need, then you can give zakat in another place. Everyone pays for himself and for those who are under his protection according to his abilities.
The Imam Council of the Muslim League in the Republic of Poland determined that this year, for each member of the Zakat al-fitr family, it is the equivalent of the following products:
Equivalent Weight Type
40 PLN 1.5 kg Raisins
20 PLN 1.0 kg Dates
10 PLN 2.5 kg Rice
6 PLN * 2.0 kg Flour
Note: The amount of 6 zlotys is offered by the Muslim, who is enough to feed himself and his family on the day of the holiday and the holiday night. Natomiat Muslims who have more than meets their basic needs should choose from higher amounts as well as higher than those in the table, because Ramadan is a month of pity, generosity and help for the poor and needy, who are not lacking in our community, and we are fasting by donating Zakat is purified of sins and shortages committed during fasting.
On the occasion of the upcoming holiday, Id al-fitr, the Imam Council of the Muslim League in the Republic of Poland offers all the best wishes of the blessed holiday to all Muslims.

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