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Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace, the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), his family, companions and all those who followed in his footsteps until the day of the final.
The origins of the Muslim League in Poland
Since the founding of the League (14 April 2001) passed three years within which all activities were directed at her official registration. The involvement of many Muslims has resulted in success and on 6 January 2004, the Muslim League in Poland has been registered in the Department of Religious Affairs and National Minorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, and formally entered into the register of churches and other religious organizations.
League was founded at the initiative of Polish Muslims in response to the growing number of them in Poland and a large Muslim community needs.

Membership of the League:

Muslim League in Poland is a religious association operating in the territory of the Republic of Polish and Polish bringing together Muslims and Muslims have Polish citizenship and Muslims with permanent and temporary stay in Poland.

Currently, Division works with operating on the Polish territory yet the Muslim associations:Muslim Association of Education and Culture (MSKK) and the Muslim Students Association (SSM) and seeks to associations and organizations for membership in the Association of Muslim Organisations in Europe (FIOE).

Doctrinal foundations:

League refers in its activities to the sources of Islam, the Qur’an, the Sunnah, proceedings and decisions of the righteous ancestors and contemporary scholars in Islam

Statutory objectives of the League are:

-Spread the ideas of Islam, science and consolidate the principles of the religion of Islam;

-Exercise Muslim religious rites;

-Building and management of a cult of the Muslim religion according to the needs of the League;

-Representing the interests of the members of the League on the national and international levels;

-Integration into Polish society while maintaining Muslim identity;

-Take a positive and creative cooperation in various spheres of life, in the framework of the Polish society, between the members of the League and the followers of other religions;

-Defense of human rights, combating all forms of racism and intolerance.

Implementation of statutory objectives:

-Organization of religious life in order to meet the religious needs of the members of the League;

-Organization of conferences and lectures;

-Emitting radio and television programs, religious-moral, social and cultural rights;

-Educational activities and educational;

-Publishing articles and treaties, including translated into Polish books and other publications;

-Building of mosques, houses of worship;

-Establishment and expansion of cemeteries;

-Keeping parish records (weddings, funerals).

Authorities League: The authorities of the League are:

1 Congress general.

2 The Governing Council.

3 The Supervisory Board.

Clerics of the League are:

1 Mufti League in Poland

2 Imams

Consultative body is:

1 The Council of Imams

Centers and agencies of the League:

The Muslim League has its centers of activity in the area of ​​eight Muslim provinces in Poland

Branch Office in Warsaw

Branch in Łódź

Wroclaw Branch

Branch in Katowice

Krakow Branch

Branch in Poznan

Branch in Lublin

Branch in Białystok

Other activities of the League:

Muslim League in Poland operates in the following sectors:

1) Representation of Islam

-Representation of Islam as a religion of peace, tolerance and dialogue,

-Organizing the religious life of Muslims in Poland

-Organize once a year a general convention for all Muslims in Poland

-Representation of Muslims against state authorities,

Polish-representation of Muslims abroad.

2) Department of Women

-Organizing religious meetings for women in every branch in Poland,

-Organize conferences, courses for women in the field of Islamic teachings and religious practices

-Cooperation with national women’s organizations.

3) The Department of Children

– Providing care for the religious development of children under the age of 13, in particular by organizing religious education classes, educational and recreational trips.

-Develop a program for religious education for children young and old.

– Organization of the colony, courses and competitions for children.

4) Faculty of Educational and Cultural

-Publishing books about the content of Muslim

A magazine-Muslim “As-Salam” (As-Salam means peace),

-Construction and development of the website,

-Development of a program for new Muslims

-Preparation of educational programs in order to organize religious meetings in the data branch of the League,

-Publishing books for children about the content of Muslim

-Preparation of television and radio programs and the publication of articles in the press overall.

-Organizing days of Muslim culture, lectures and exhibitions to promote the art and culture of the Muslim.

Vision for the future:

1) An association of Muslims and Muslim organizations already operating mainly Muslim Students Association (SSM) and the Muslim Association of Education and Culture (MSKK).

4) The desire to sign a bill regulating the attitude of the Polish State to the Muslim League as part of our efforts to integrate Muslims into Polish society.

5) The construction of the Islamic Cultural Center in Warsaw.

6) Close cooperation with other mainly Muslim religious organizations to meet the religious needs and interests of Muslims in the country and abroad.

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